I am Princess X

I am Princess X cover artSometimes one friendship can define your life.  For May, that friend was Libby.  As little kids, they created the comic character, Princess X, and spent their time chronicling her adventures.  Then Libby died.  Before May could claim them, Libby's father threw away all the Princess X comics the girls had made.  But May never got over Libby's death.  Years later she still dreams that Libby might be alive, somehow.  Her parents don't want to hear it.  Libby's dead and May needs to move on.  But recently May has started seeing a logo for a character that looks remarkably like Princess X.  And she starts to wonder if her dreams might be right after all.

If you liked Cory Doctorow's Little Brother, you'll like I am Princess X by Cherie Priest.  May's search for clues about Libby take her all over Seattle and throughout the underbelly of the internet.  The story's full of twists and danger, and it's just fun.  Mixed in are Princess X comics that tell parts of the story and play an important part in May's search for clues.

Lauren C.