Owl Musings

cover of Owl Moon by Jane Yolen You may not be aware, but the Library is part of Millikin University’s teacher education program.  Every spring, a cohort of students attends their Children’s Literature module at The Urbana Free Library.  It’s a great opportunity to share the power of books to change the life of a child.  When students complete the Millikin program, they find jobs in our community and beyond, having experienced the benefit of Library resources for their future classrooms.  This week we took a close look at the words and art of picture books, starting with one of my favorites – Owl Moon by Jane Yolen.  Yolen’s carefully chosen words create strong sensory images, and the pacing makes me almost nostalgic for snow and cold and the darkness of night:  “When you go owling / you don’t need words / or warm / or anything but hope.”  Here's to a spring filled with moments worthy of its own poetic grace.   – Elaine B.