International Games Week: Euro Games

International Games Week LogoIn honor of International Games Week, we're going to look at types of board games.  One type a day!  This is by no means a list of every type of game out there.  There are many different types, but we're going to highlight some of the ones that are popular at The Urbana Free Library.  Starting with Euro games!

Euro or German games, are a game style that started, you guessed it, oversees.  Unlike games where players fight each other and get eliminated until only one is left (looking at you friend-ruining Monopoly), Euro games tend to have players interact indirectly (no combat) in competition over resources or some kind of points.  Players rarely get eliminated and points determine the winner.  Winning relies less on luck and randomness and more on strategy.


If that sounds like your kind of game, here are titles to play:

Lauren C.