Odd Jobs for a Forgotten God: Noragami

Noragami Vol 1 Cover ArtWhen a god's life and power is based on the number of worshipers he has, what is an almost completely forgotten god with no shrines to do?  Start a business where he works odd jobs and minor miracles for 5 yen!   That's Noragami: Stray God by Toka Adachi for you.

Yato has plans to save up for a shrine, one small job at a time.  He writes his phone number on walls to scrounge up work.  And in his free time he does the other duty of a god and kills corrupted spirits that threaten living humans.  When a chance encounter between Yato and human Hiyory leaves her with a tendency to slip out of her body and into the spirit/dead world, Yato agrees to take on the much bigger job of finding a way to cure her.

At times slapstick comedy, action thriller, and serious drama, Noragami has a little bit of everything.  And you might think it doesn't do any of those well since it's trying to do all of them.  Normally a manga can pull off two of those (ok, maybe not dramatic and comedic at the same time since those are kinda contradictory, but shush.  You know what I mean.), but Noragami finds a balance that makes it all the more believable.  Yato is selfish and childish at times and his morals... well, let's just say he's not strictly good or evil.  He's flawed in the way real people are.

The story starts slow, but stick with it and you'll get fast-paced action and a plot where the danger keeps slowly building.   Basically this a more complex Soul Eater with gorgeous art that will make you swoon.


Lauren C.