Jane, Unlimited; or All the Genres and Umbrellas are Cool too

Jane, Unlimited Cover ArtFull disclosure, I'm a fangirl for Kristin Cashore's books.  Graceling is one of my favorite teen titles, and I once swore I'd read anything Kristin Cashore ever wrote.  So having said that, I have to admit that I was a little worried when I read the summary for Jane, Unlimited.  It was like none of the Graceling books.  At all.  No obvious fantasy worlds, powers, or struggles between good and evil.  Instead it was... contemporary?  Not my usual type of book, but I said I'd read anything she wrote.

And I am so glad I did!  This book is not what you're used to.  Jane starts adrift.  Her aunt has just died and she's dropped out of school and life is looking not so promising.  Then a fabulously wealthy old friend invites her to a party at her family's private island (did I mention they're rich?).  The last time Jane saw her aunt, she made Jane promise that she would never turn down an offer to visit this island.  So Jane agrees to go.  And nothing is the same afterwards.  What follows is five different versions of how Jane's life could play out from there.  None of them necessarily right or wrong; just different.  Very different.  Like completely-different-genres different.  You get spies, magic, scifi, horror.  And Umbrellas.  Because Jane's hobby is to make umbrellas.  And after reading their descriptions I want one of her umbrellas and I'm sad they don't really exist.  And I don't even really like umbrellas normally.

Lauren C.