What is Available at the Champaign County Historical Archives?

Established in 1956, The Champaign County Historical Archives is a department of The Urbana Free Library that maintains a research-level collection on the history and genealogy of Champaign County. In 1987 it was designated the official repository for non-current Champaign County records. Although it focuses on Champaign County, the Archives holds extensive collections of works dealing with the rest of Illinois and those states that document the significant migration routes of the communities that comprise Champaign County. Whether you have Champaign County ancestors (or no connections to the county at all), or you are interested in local history, there is a wealth of materials available for your research.

Local History Online provides convenient and comprehensive access to the holdings of the Champaign County Historical Archives. You can access the catalog from anywhere by clicking here. From the Local History Online page you can also find contact information and access the order form for remote requests. 

The Champaign County Historical Archives is also an affiliate library of the FamilySearch Research and Library System. Visit the FamilySearch website for more information on their genealogical resources and collections.


For more information about the Archives, visit the About Us page on the Urbana Free Library website.

For more information about services and collections at the Archives, see our brochure.