Monster Trucks!

cover of Monster Trucks by Joy Keller You might think the title of this blog would take you to the big machinery section of books.  And you would be partly right.  What makes this title stand out is that the drivers and operators of the trucks are monsters themselves!  Monster Trucks by Joy Keller features perfectly paired monster / truck vocations in a story sure to induce laughs, as monsters "shift into a different gear" at the end of the official spooking season.  There is the mummy who is an ambulance driver, and an angry ogre (what ogre isn't angry?) who vents with the wrecking-ball.  Hilarious puns fill this book.  And then, just in case someone might be scared, Keller's book ends with a reassuring scene.  If you are looking for a book beyond the usual Halloween fare, be sure to put this one on your list! - Elaine B.  p.s. For more monster fun, join us for a Monster Storytime and Crafts in October!