Discussing race with children

One of the things I love most about our community and our library is how diverse it is. Any given day you can hear a number of different languages spoken in the children's area and see kids from all over the world playing together. As parents and caregivers it can be tricky to know how to discuss race and racism with our kids. There is a temptation to sidestep it when the question comes up hoping that by ignoring it, we can make our kids "colorblind". All kids will eventually observe or experience racism and discussing it ahead of time can make it easier for them to understand and confront. Below are some resources to help navigate this tricky subject.  As always we are here to recommend books on any topics you need!

This bibligraphy from the New York Times has books ordered by age level that discuss race and ethnicity. It shows a wide variety of non-caucasian viewpoints.

This bibliography and tips from the Friends School of Portland is also helpful.

And lastly, here is a great and short article from Parenting Magazine containing tips for talking to kids about racism.

--Rachel V.