Creating the Illusion of Movement

image from Stop Motion - Rocket Takeoff!All summer we've been celebrating reading, making, and creating with the "Reading by Design" summer reading program theme.  We've made turtles and stuffed felties, frogs and pin-hole cameras.  Even stop-motion films!  Early in June, a group of eighteen kids came together to create stop motion drawing films.  After learning the concept, participants counted off by numbers to divide into film-making groups.  They created storylines, experimented with cameras, and then drew their stories to create the illusion of movement, frame by frame.  All of this in less than sixty minutes!  It was fascinating to watch the creative process in each of these groups and how they brainstormed, solved problems and worked together with other kids they just met - all within an hour!  We finished with a mini viewing of the three films:  The Reader!, Rocket Takeoff! and Chili Peppers.  Enjoy! -Elaine B.  P.S. For even more youth films, check out the 2017 Pens to Lens Project!