What's Your Sin?

AWWWW YISSSS! Some new manga is coming to The Urbana Free Library that I am SO EXCITED ABOUT, YOU GUYS! I found the Seven Deadly Sins anime on Netflix and nagged (I mean, politely requested) that the Library buy the print series by Nakaba Suzuki. AND IT’S COMING, YOU GUYS! The first 3 volumes are HERE, and there’s MORE on the way!
All right, to the nitty gritty:  the series is set in a medieval landscape where magic and magical creatures, like giants, fairies, and demons, exist. The kingdom is defended by the fiercely powerful Holy Knights. Of these awe-inspiring warriors, the strongest of the strong are The Seven Deadly Sins. But these Sins are now outlaws who were accused of trying to overthrow the kingdom, fought their way past hundreds of Knights to escape, and haven’t been heard from in 10 years.
UNTIL! The remaining Holy Knights are not acting like the protectors of the realm they are made out to be. Actually, they’re jerks at best and murderers at worst. The Knights imprisoned the king and two of his daughters and have been terrorizing the people of the kingdom. If only that was the worst of their plans…
The youngest princess, Elizabeth, escaped the Knights and set out on a journey to find The Seven Deadly Sins and ask their help to overthrow the corrupt Holy Knights.
Sounds like some pretty heady stuff, right? Don’t let the description fool you; this series has plenty of humor (a talking pig, named Hawk, who has named himself the Captain of Scraps Disposal, for example) and is fairly light-hearted. The only complaint I have is the main male character’s boundary issues (he’s quite handsy with Elizabeth and I wish she would just give him a good smack…).