Nichijou: That was Weird. Gimme Book 2!

Nichijou cover artAnd you thought your life was bizarre.  Nichijou (Japanese for everyday) has a wide and strange cast.  There’s an android who thinks no one knows what she is (despite the giant wind up mechanism on her back), a small deer that keeps showing up at odd times, and humans who are just a bit …off.  I won’t give away too much.  This is a manga that makes more sense if you experience it than if I explain it in detail (and I'll just sound super crazy and I don't feel like sounding crazy today; thank you very much).

I will tell you this.  The manga is like looking at your normal school life (you know if you were a student in Japan, shh) not turned completely on its head but turned precisely thirty-two point eight degrees to the left.  It’s recognizable but feels deeply strange at the same time, and it's hilarious.  It doesn’t have a plot per se, but more of a series of scenes that give you a feel for life in the odd, odd world.  The word random comes to mind.  So does comedy.  Also more (as in I want).  If you’re a fan of Yotsuba&! or Azumanga Daioh this is the next manga you want to read.

Lauren C.