A Farewell to Archives

I will miss this view

Tonight is my last shift at the reference desk in the Champaign County Historical Archives at The Urbana Free Library. I started at the Library in the first week of June 2007, in Acquisitions. I had worked on public desks in libraries in Plainfield and Coal City and thought I would like a break from that. Wrong. I missed the public service, so when an opportunity came up in 2008 to work in Archives, I made the switch to “upstairs."

Over the years I have been privileged to work with bright and wonderful colleagues all over the Library. I have served scores of curious and grateful patrons and learned probably books full of facts about Champaign County and beyond. I have also received quite a genealogical education beyond my own family bounds.

I am grateful to have been able to call Anke, Sherrie, Donica, Karla, Norma, Sarah B. and Sarah L. my colleagues, and must also hail back to the days when Eric, Howard, and especially Carolyn Adams were a part of this small family. I remember meeting Carolyn and her stating “I can’t believe they pay me to do this job” (in Archives), and I understand what she meant. It has been quite rewarding all on its own.

From the third-graders that came as a class and looked up headlines on microfilm from the day they were born, to the nonagenarian who knew his way around Ancestry and a mouse - there are so many people I will remember fondly. And I will also remember the amazement when people realize what an absolute treasure Champaign County has in its Historical Archives. May it continue to grow and prosper.

Marnie, Archives Assistant