"More and More, War is Using the Telephone..."

Sometimes, little treasures from the past show up in entirely different places than imagined. 

Telephone bill from 1943Hello, Operator?


You can Help...

This Illinois Bell Telephone Company bill from December 21, 1943, is a true blast from the past. Local service for this household was $2.75 per month, and with a .36 cent charge for long distance to Henning, the total bill was $3.11! 

I was curious to know a little bit more about this address, so I looked it up in Local History Online. http://archivescatalog.urbanafreelibrary.org/polaris/. 

This address showed a 1964 Building Permit for the structure to be moved from 1103 1/2 West Springfield Ave. to 1309 North Berkley, ahead of the UIUC Engineering Sciences building. 

I was also curious about Mr. Corbett, and, sure enough, LHO had his marriage license application (Mrs. was from Henning), and his obituary from 1961, which means he was not alive to see the house moved.

And finally, a poem on the back of the envelope: 

"Bring your bill

When You Pay

It saves you time

On a busy day.

If by check

You'd rather pay

Send the bill stub