Comics and More Comics This Weekend*

Okay, ladies and gents, the first point I’d like to make (in my hypothetical argument with an imaginary person) is that comics are *not* just for boys. And ladies are *not* condemned to read only girly-girl comics featuring My Little Ponies or The Powerpuff Girls. On the other hand, if a lady has a hard time relating to super masculine comics like your traditional Batman¸ she still has options.
Enter Batgirl. Volume 1, Batgirl of Burnside. Barbara, or Babs, is the daughter of Police Commissioner James Gordon, who you may know as a friend and ally to Batman. Babs is a college student with a secret:  she fights crime as Batgirl.
As you might expect, it’s not always smooth sailing. Babs may be in peak physical fitness now, but not so long ago she was in a wheel chair with no hope to ever walk again. She spent that time focusing on her studies and developed a formula that can predict criminal behavior based on specific social maps. So she has the brains and the brawn.
Even though she’s at the top of her game as Batgirl and as Babs Gordan, trouble is brewing for the young crime fighter. Someone is after her. When they’re not trying to kill her, they’re trying to ruin Batgirl’s good name. Babs has to get to the bottom of who is behind the attack, hopefully before anyone close to her gets hurt.
The final point I’ll make in my hypothetical argument is that Batgirl is *not* just for girls. Yes, the main characters are female, but my clever and articulate retort to that concern is:  so what?


*So, what's this about comics this weekend? Glad you asked. This Friday, the Library will be open late until 8pm to "[c]elebrate all things comic." We are also participating with G-Mart and the Champaign Public Library to have events on Free Comic Book Day, which is this Saturday.