Little Bitta Music

cover of children's music album Arriba Abajo by Andres Salguero I’m always excited to find new children’s music for programming!  Recently I’ve found several albums that have great music, whether for programming or listening along in the car.  Andres Salguero’s new bilingual album Arriba Abajo is so much fun that you won’t even notice you are learning things too.  Each song is presented in Spanish and also English, all with great instrumentation and a fun, spicy feel.  Dean Jones’ album In My Dreams brings a fabulous funky beat to his songs like “What Kind of Fruit [would you be].”  Another recent favorite includes Emily Arrow’s Storytime Singalong, that celebrates great duos in the sweet “Peanut to My Butter.”  Finally, Andrew and Polly’s Odds & Ends presents the infectious “Little Bitta You” and “Two Little Birds.”  Going on a road trip?  These would be a super fun antidote to the question, “Are we there, yet?” for children and their adults.  –Elaine B.  (p.s. If you are interested in experiencing live music, you may be interested in Terry Dames' concert on Monday, April 24 at 4:15 p.m., featuring new instruments created from recylced materials!)