Sometimes April Showers bring April Flowers…

photo of plant, Wild Geranium

It is spring wildflower season in east central Illinois. Time to take yourself to the woods to see Jack-in-the-pulpit, dutchman’s breeches, toothwort, trillium, dog tooth violet, blue-eye Mary, and Virginia bluebells.

Some great local areas to view wildflowers are Allerton Park in Monticello, Busey Woods in Urbana, Patton Woods northeast of Rantoul, and Forest Glen south of Danville.

The flowering season is relatively long with flowers blooming from early April through June, but individual flowering is short. So put on your rain boots, grab a cheery umbrella, and take a walk. Bluebells are waiting.

pamphlet for Busey Woods, Urbana, ILpamphlet for spring wildflowers in Patton Woods, Champaign County, IL

- Sherrie, Archives Librarian