2017 So Far (in books)

Not sure what to read next?  These new books just came out this year.

Cover for Exo

1.       Exo by Fonda Lee 

Donovan Reyes is a human member of the security force charged with keeping peace on an Earth colonized by aliens.  When he gets captured by a revolutionary group of humans, Donovan starts to question everything he thought he knew.







Cover for Carve the Mark


2.       Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth 

Akos and Cyra are on opposite sides of a global conflict, made more complicated by the powers that every citizen has.  Their particular powers link the two together and make them need each other, but the fighting demands they hate each other.






Cover for City of Saints and Thieves


3.       City of Saints and Thieves by Natalie Anderson 

Living on the streets in Kenya, Tina is determined to get revenge for her mother’s murder.  She's certain her mother’s former boss, Roland, is to blame.  When Roland’s son catches her stealing, he makes her promise to help him clear his father and find the real murderer in return for not turning her in.





Cover for Loving vs. Virginia


4.       Loving vs. Virginia by Patricia Hruby-Powell 

The true story of Mildred and Richard, a mixed-race couple, who challenge to Virginia’s anti-interracial marriage laws reached the Supreme Court.





Cover for The Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett


5.       Hundred Lies of Lizzie Lovett by Chelsea Sedoti 

Loner Hawthorne is obsessed with finding out what happened to Lizzie Lovett after the popular girl mysteriously disappears.






Cover for Rose Blood


6.       Rose Blood by A.G. Howard 

Inspired by The Phantom of the Opera, Rune is sickened every time she sings, but her voice is her gift.  When she travels to a French boarding school looking for a cure, she meets Thorn.  Being around him makes her feel well, but Thorn has his own plans and his own master.





Cover for History is All You Left Me


7.       History is All You Left Me by Adam Silvera 

Griffin grieves and tries to move on after first love Theo dies.






Cover for Caraval


8.       Caraval by Stephanie Garber 

Caraval is a performance that happens once a year where the audience takes part.  This year Scarlett and her sister, Tella, have been invited.  But Tella is kidnapped as soon as they arrive ,and is set as the prize everyone must find to win Caraval.  To get her sister back, Scarlett has to win.





Cover for The Careful Undressing of Love


9.       Careful Undressing of Love by Corey Ann Haydu 

Devonairre Street in Brooklyn is cursed.  Anyone who falls in love with a girl living on that street is doomed to die.  Everyone is sure the curse is an urban legend until a boy dies.






Cover for The Edge of Everything

10.   Edge of Everything by Jeff Giles 

Siblings, Zoe and Jonah, are trapped in a cabin in a Montana blizzard, when an intruder attacks them.  They’re rescued by X, a strange man who claims he’s from the hell-like Lowlands and his duty is to drag the souls of evil doers back there for eternal punishment.






Lauren C.