Beware the Papercuts

Manga + Origami = Awesomesauce. (Do people still say awesomesauce? If not, then I said that ironically. If you don’t know, saying things ironically means you say things that are uncool even though you are actually a very cool person. I happen to be a very cool person who says awesomesauce. Deal with it.) Anywho (do people still say anywho?), the Library recently got its grubby little mitts on a fantastic book called Manga Origami:  Easy Techniques for Creating 20 Super-Cute Characters. Did you catch that? 20 different characters! Characters like “schoolgirl” and “sailor fuku” and “sensei” and “ori fighter” and so many more! How many more? Exactly 16 more. Geez, pay attention in math class, kids. The book gives tips for making eyes, bodies, clothes, and hair separately so that you can mix and match. Put fairy wings on a dragon girl or a kimono on a samurai. Go crazy! Not too crazy, but, you know, a little crazy is good now and then. I mean, much trouble can you get into folding paper into fun shapes? I guess you could get a papercut. Those are nothing to joke about. So, go a tiny bit crazy but mind the edges. And use the word "awesomesauce" more. Ironically, of course.