Introducing The Urbana Free Library’s newest collection: Music Equipment!


The purpose of this collection is to provide Library patrons the tools to learn how to create music, to augment home recording, or to try out an item before purchasing it or pursuing lessons. The collection is starting small, but is growing and we welcome your input.  If you have ideas about what the library can provide musicians of all levels let us know!

First up: guitars and amplifiers

  1. The Dean Vendetta is a quality introductory level electric guitar.
  2. Orange Amps have been played by everyone from Jimmy Page to Mastodon. Even at this small size, the Orange Crush 20RT delivers that classic British sound!
  3. The Fender Mustang I is a modelling amp that digitally replicates the sound of 18 different Fender tones, from classic to metal.
  4. The Gretsch “Jim Dandy” acoustic is a parlor-sized guitar with great vintage style and a surprisingly bright tone with great volume.


Next up: electronic drums, guitar pedals, and more!