Chickens Star on Film

Consider the chicken as you never have before. Two excellent Urbana Free documentaries explore the impact of chickens on owners’ lives and as pets, plus highlight the wonderful world of show chickens.

Natural History of the Chicken DVD box coverChicken People DVD box cover

We all know Urbana (and Champaign) are poultry-friendly communities. Quite a few of my acquaintances keep backyard chicken coops, and raise chickens for eggs, or eating.

Many of us have strode down city sidewalks, only to be surprised by fine examples of hens and cocks sharing the pavement with us, or strolling through the grass of nearby yards. I frequently look out my back window in the morning, and see the wandering neighborhood rooster commanding his domain. (Not to mention hearing him at dawn.)

I was fascinated to discover chickens can have other roles than providers of food. I learned you CAN bathe a chicken!

Interested? Watch the documentary trailers highlighted below.


Natural history of the chicken

DVD / 636.5 / NAT

Enjoy a series of unusual stories about chickens. Vignettes range from a woman who revived a chicken with CPR, a man who raises chickens for his own consumption, a woman who keeps a pet chicken, a group of suburbanites who banded together to stop a neighborhood rooster raiser, a headless rooster, to a man who's life changing experience comes when he sees one of his chickens protect her chicks from a hawk.


Chicken people

DVD / 636.5 / CHI

Take a behind the scenes look at the world of show chickens and the people who love them, starting at the nation’s largest poultry competition.


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