Project Oasis: A New Resource for Immigrant Services and Support

A team of students from the University of Illinois (Illinois Enactus) have stepped up to create Project Oasis, a new website designed to help Champaign Urbana's immigrant communities.  These students have put together a beautifully designed website with links to resources for immigrants, organized into six easy-to-understand categories:  Housing, Citizenship / Legal, Education / ESL, Employment, Community & Support, and Healthcare.  Their goal is create a basic clearinghouse for the most-needed resources, and to provide basic descriptions and contact information.  The site also has a one click link to Google translate and a Google map that points to every resource.  Take a minute to check out the website.  You - or someone you know - could probably use this practical and comprehensive information.  Consider contacting them if you know additional resources that should be included or if you have suggestions about how to improve the site.  And thank you, Illinois Enactus, for putting your entrepreneurial and tech skills for a such a good cause!