Hear Me Out...

Okay, okay…okay. The cover is quite silly. The title is, perhaps, even sillier. But Her Nightly Embrace:  Book I of the Ravi PI Series by Adi Tantimedh is actually good. Really good.

Okay. We’re all guilty of judging books by their covers. Or titles. Or the fact that it’s already in the works to be a TV show. BUT! If you give Ravi PI a chance, you will not be disappointed.

The first thing to know about this series is:  it’s hilarious. From Ravi’s co-workers (like the two violent ex-cops who happen to be a gay couple) to his cringe-worthy love life (how does one have a physical relationship with a sex addict?) to his traditional yet dysfunctional Indian family (he has to pay off a loan shark for his sister’s £20,000 wedding *and* his mother’s gambling debts), Ravi leads a strange, strange life. Not to mention that he sees Hindu gods every now and again, sometimes offering advice, sometimes tweeting about him with the hashtag ourownpersonalholyfool.

The gods are a side effect from the mental breakdown he suffered at University while focusing on religious studies. After the breakdown, he decided to become a high school teacher instead. Until a scandal left him without a job. He was adopted by Golden Sentinels, a posh PI and security company in London, which collects talented outcasts to train and focus.

Ravi PI is like a collection of short stories, each section focusing on one of Ravi’s cases. From a high-powered politician who is certain his dead fiancée is sleeping with him to a feminist author being targeted by chauvinist flash mobs to a Pakistani lesbian fleeing an arranged marriage to an investment banker and cocaine addict whose coworkers keep ending up dead. Each case is filled with excitement, mystery, and humor. Don’t miss it!