Playing with Fire

Not to beat a dead dragon to death, but dragons are awesome. It’s a fact of the universe. Ask past me, if you don’t believe present me. And because I’m sure you follow all of my advice, you’ve surely read all the incredible titles we have that feature dragons. And now you’re ready to expand your dragon obsession by mixing it with your gaming obsession.

Part of our amazeballs (don’t mock me for trying to sound young; you know I’m fly) board game collection features a game called Dragon Land. All you have to do is get one or two of your friends together to play this game that was translated from the original German. First, you build a tower of destiny that you can toss your dice into when you roll. You might even toss them in there over and over and over again and shriek with child-like glee at the enormous fun of it all. Or not. You may not be as cool as me.

Then you select your pawns. You have three different pawns that are the same shape but different colors. The colors correspond to the colored gems that you try to collect from the volcanoes on the game board. You also have tokens that allow you to do different things, like get a ride from a ferryman down the river to another volcano or summon a King’s dragon to fly you instead.

The goal is to move around the board from volcano to volcano, collecting as many gems and dragon eggs as you can. You need a dragon egg and a gem of each color to make a “set.” And each of your pawns has to collect a ring along the way or the gems of their color don’t count. The game ends when all the dragon eggs have been taken. You count up your sets, your eggs, and your diamonds to see who gets the most points and wins.

Go the second floor reference desk to check the game out or any others that strike your fancy (check out my retro slang…). If you want to get some ideas for other games you might like, you can talk to my past self again. Or past Lauren, your new teen librarian.




p.s. Thanks to Amazon for the photo of the game all set up!