Surely we all remember Where’s Waldo from our youths. The search:  maybe wild at first, taking in the whole scene…then methodical, searching section by section like it’s a crime scene. The focus:  eyes sharp for any spot of red or white, any stripe or pom-pom. The false alarms:  *so many* stripes, *so much* red and white. And finally, the victory:  he was behind the walrus the whole time!

But don’t lose yourself in the nostalgia just yet! There is a grown-up version out there for all of us who miss the hunt:  Where’s Warhol? That’s right, you scour the pages for the bored-looking Andy Warhol in a leather coat with an upturned collar, wearing his ubiquitous shades and crazy blonde wig. Look for him at places like Studio 54, Marie Antoinette’s execution, and the opening of The Frida Kahlo Retrospective.

As an added bonus, the back of the book gives you information about each venue and lets you know who the people are in each scene. You know, to make it informational and grownup and whatnot.