If Prom was an 80s Action Movie

Prom.  No word can fill a high schooler with more dread or delight (or ennui if you don't care (ennui is totally a SAT word.  You should look it up if you haven't.  Also it's a cool word.  I swear.)).  The drama of whether to go, who's taking whom, and what to wear is unparalleled.  Prom is either the culmination of your high school years or something you hide from until it passes.  

Or it can totally mess up your plans when your band is scheduled to play their first big gig that night but your parents have decided you have to take the foreign exchange student staying at your house to prom because they decided at the last minute that they want to go.  You might want to instead say, "Au Revoir Crazy European Chick" (by Joe Schreiber (see what I did there?)).  But your parents make you go, and the exchange student is a Lithuanian girl who decides to wear a dress to prom that looks like a sack, and now your band mates want you dead and you know the whole school will laugh at you.  And then your date makes you drive her to New York City, because suprise! she's got a hit list and you're the driver.  That was your prom too, right?

Or at least that's Perry's prom with Gobi.  Because Gobi has a list, guns, explosives, and one night to find her targets.  Perry has to help her or she'll add him and his family to the list.

The book is exactly as ridiculous and awesome as it sounds.  There's a lot of action and crazy plot that you shouldn't look too close at.  Instead sit back and enjoy.  This one plays out like an 80's action movie and it moves just as fast.  

Each chapter title is a different essay prompt for a college because Perry's applying to colleges at the same time and the story could serve as an essay.  Yeah it makes no practical sense, but what about prom is practical?

Lauren C.