Prince Charming Ain't Coming

You’ve heard me go on and on about the Dorothy Must Die series; well, you’re about to hear me go on and on about a new book called Spelled, also inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

First of all, it doesn’t have any curse words. Well, not any Anglo-Saxon vulgarisms that we’re all so familiar with. You will see some expressive fairy tale vulgarism like, “Oh for Grimm’s sake, every pixing time I try to write a pixing blog post all spell breaks loose and I can’t get a pixing thing done!” It’s quite fun.

But, of course, it takes more than creative cursing to make a book worth reading. The story also has a unique twist on the tried and true classic. Dorthea is a Princess of the Emerald Kingdom in the land of Story. She’s never left the castle because of a curse that was laid on her family years and years ago. The curse says that a Princess of Emerald will become evil and burn the entire world to the ground. Unfortunately, the curse didn’t give a timeline, so every Princess is forced to stay inside the castle walls for fear of going postal and setting the world on fire.

As you can imagine, it gets old real quick. Dorthea has tried to fill her life with designer clothes and shoes and the like, but what she wants most of all is to be free. She gets her wish when she *accidently* accepts a cursed gift and *accidently* wishes that all the rules of her land would go away. Her wish is granted; her parent disappear, an evil witch takes over Emerald, the boy she was going to be forced to marry turns into a chimera, her castle is destroyed, and she must flee Emerald with a cranky servant, her monster fiancé, and one pair of rockin’ stilettos with ruby heels.

Thus begins an exciting adventure through the world of Story to set things right. It’s filled with magic, humor, adventure, betrayal, and a splash of romance. Read it, and when you crave more, go to the author’s website for deleted scenes, bonus chapters, and even a recipe for chocolate wands!