Your Teacher Will Destroy the Planet Unless You can Stop Him. Have a nice day!

Assassination Classroom coverA large section of the moon has disappeared and Earth is next.  Unless a class of Japanese middle schoolers who everyone looks down on can stop it.  


Class E (the end class, called that because the students in this class have the worst grades and are expected to drop out) has a new teacher.  He has a large round head and tentacles for arms and feet.  He can also move at Mach 20 speed and is impervious to harm by most things that would kill a person.  And he's threatening to destroy the Earth unless he's stopped.  The world governments tried to kill him and can't lay a finger on him.  So he strikes a deal.  He'll let the students in class E try to end him up until they graduate in a year, but he can't hurt them.  if they can stop him, then the Earth is saved.  If not, ....then he'll blow it up.  In the mean time he'll become their teacher.  Hurray!!  o.O*


Yep, it's a really weird premise.  But oddly it works.  Koro Sensei (the weird teacher) seems to really care about his students and under his strange teaching the end class starts to thrive.  It's also really funny.  Koro Sensei isn't all powerful or perfect.  He makes mistakes, gets flustered, and there's a lot of mystery surrounding where he came from, why he wants to destroy the world, and why he wants to teach.  This is more an oddball comedy manga than an angsty action drama.  It's very refreshing.  The class of misfits is just as entertaining as their teacher.  And if what I've been told by everyone who has read ahead of me is correct (no spoilers!!!) the series just gets better.  I may have found my favorite manga for this year.


Lauren C.