Here There Be Dragons

Dragon are just awesome. No denying it. Who hasn’t had dreams about flying through the sky on the back of a powerful beast that strikes fear into the heart of all your enemies? Okay, maybe everyone doesn’t take it *that* far, but you know what I’m talking about.


The person who has made dragons even cooler, if that’s possible, is George R.R. Martin, the author of the Song of Fire and Ice Series that inspired the insanely popular TV show, Game of Thrones. If you can’t get enough of the world Martin created in his series, or if you can’t quite tolerate all the blood and violence, then you should read The Ice Dragon. It’s written by Martin, with some amazing illustrations by Luis Royo, and set in the same world as his series, only earlier, when dragons were still plentiful.

The story follows Adara, a young girl who is said to be a child of winter, a strangely serious child who loves winter. She loves winter because that means the ice dragon is coming. No one else likes to see the ice dragon because it means that they will have a long, cruel winter. But the cold and the snow and the ice doesn’t bother Adara. She could ride on the back of her ice dragon all day and hopes that one day he will take her with him to his home in the north.

Adara also lives in a time of war. She can’t remember when there wasn’t a war. Other kingdoms have fire dragons, just like her King has fire dragons in his service. And when her King begins to lose the war, her home and her life are threatened. Adara has to make a choice. And either way, she will lose something precious to her.


Okay, after you’ve read The Ice Dragon, and you are hungry for more dragon action, then you can read Scorched by Mari Mancusi. Scorched is the first in a trilogy of books that follows Trinity, a video-game-loving teen who lives with her grandfather, and the brothers Connor and Caleb, twins who have traveled to the past to stop an apocalypse that Trinity unknowingly began.

It all begins with a dragon egg. Trinity thought her grandfather had lost his marbles when he presented her with the latest find for his road-side museum. But she felt a strange connection to the egg; sometimes, she could swear she heard it speaking to her.

Enter Connor, the dragon hunter. In his time, about 200 years in the future, the surface of the world has been overrun by fire-breathing dragons that have burned the world to the ground. Most of society lives underground, but some brave the surface to hunt down the beasts that terrorize the world. Connor was chosen to go back to the future to keep Trinity from bonding fully with the dragon, which was the first step in the apocalypse that destroyed his world, and to destroy the egg.

The government has also gotten word that Trinity’s grandfather has a strange, and potentially dangerous, object. And they would do anything to get their hands on it. So Trinity goes on the run with Connor and the egg, trying to figure out what she can believe.

Enter Caleb, a Dracken. The Dracken are a group of dragon-sympathizers from Caleb’s time who try to stop the senseless killing of dragons. Caleb was chosen to travel back in time to keep the government from getting their hands on Trinity’s egg and creating a breed of clones that are aggressive and dangerous. The apocalypse occurred after Trinity had rescued her caged dragon and unwittingly let loose the cloned dragons at the same time. Caleb hopes to prevent the destruction of the world by bringing Trinity and the egg to the Dracken headquarters, where the future leaders have traveled back in time to recruit modern teens, all orphans like Trinity, to be dragonriders. They want to safely hatch Trinity's egg and create a race of new dragons.

Trinity has to come to terms with what these strange boys tell her, as well as evade the authorities after she is labeled a terrorist. This series has some great action and plenty of romance, with a classic love triangle between Trinity and the brothers. Who can she trust? Who should she believe? How can she protect those she cares about? Who exactly does she care about?