Calvin, Hobbes, and Susie cross a frozen lake (and try not to die)

Calvin CoverIf you think I'm going to talk about Calvin and Hobbes... you're kinda right.  Calvin by Martine Leavitt is about a boy named Calvin, who sees a Tiger named Hobbes and has a girl friend named Susie.  Calvin has also just been diagnosed with schizophrenia and is pretty sure Hobbes isn't real.   He believes that if the creator of the Calvin and Hobbes comic strip, Bill Watterson, makes one more comic with a teenage Calvin, who doesn't see a tiger and isn't schizophrenic, he'll be "normal" again.  You see, Calvin was born on the day Watterson published his last strip, and Calvin's life has been enough like the comic character that he thinks he's now linked to the comic.  So sane comic Calvin = sane real Calvin.  To get Watterson's attention, Calvin's concocted a dangerous plan to walk across a frozen lake Erie to Watterson's town.  He's sent letters to the comic editor and the local newspaper where Watterson lives so that the comic maker will know about him.  When he reaches the other side, Calvin is sure that Watterson will meet him there with the new comic strip in hand.  When his long time friend and neighbor, Susie, catches Calvin leaving she doesn't stop him.  Instead she decides to join him to keep him safe.  Calvin's not entirely certain she's really there, but he goes with it.  And he, Hobbes, and Susie start the days long trek across the frozen lake.  A journey that most people who try it don't survive.


It's funny, sweet at times, and a little bit dangerous.  And if I tell you much more I'll be giving things away.  There isn't much else out there like this.  So if you're tired of dystopias and love triangles (or if you just have fond memories of the Calvin and Hobbes comics) give this a try.


(Btw, if you now want to reread Calvin and Hobbes, we've got those too.)