Truth and Lies

Get ready to be sucked into a new fantasy series by Susan Dennard! She begins her new Witchlands series with Truthwitch, set in a world where witches are revered and feared. The Witchlands used to be ravaged by war, but a Twenty Year Truce put an end to the fighting. Now, the twenty years are up, and no one knows if the truce will be extended or if the fighting will resume.

One thing is certain:  witches are valuable commodities in the Witchlands. Witches come in all forms based on the five elements:  aether, earth, water, wind, and fire. Some are straightforward, like Tidewitches who can control water and Windwitches who can control air currents.

Some aren’t so straightforward. Like Safiya, a Truthwitch. Truthwitches are rare, one hasn’t been seen in over one hundred years. And if people knew that Safi is a Truthwitch, that she can not only tell truth from lie but also if someone’s intentions are good or bad, then she would be sold to the highest bidder.

But her Threadsister, Iseult, isn’t going to let that happen. Iseult is a Threadwitch, meaning she can see all the threads that make up a person. People’s threads change as their mood changes, they are cut when they die, and they join with others' threads when they are connected in some way, by intense love or hate. To be a Threadsister (or brother) means that you share intense platonic love for someone, like a best friend you would die for.

Iseult and Safi have been training together for years. Safi was sent to train to become a Domna, or ruler of her family estate. Iseult has run from her family’s settlement. She is a Midenzi, known by her pale white skin and raven black hair. Her kind is feared and hated, and Safi has to protect Iseult as much as Iseult protects Safi.

When a holdup goes wrong for the two girls, a chain of events begins that neither of them ever expected. Now they are hunted by a Bloodwitch, something out of nightmares. A Bloodwitch can catch your scent and follow you anywhere you try to hide. Soon, it isn’t just a Bloodwitch who is hunting them. Things are happening, big things. Things to do with the Truce, things that will change the world as they know it.