Scaring Up a Good Book

book cover of Crenshaw by Katherine ApplegateMy new favorite book is Crenshaw by Katherine Applegate.  She is the author who brought us The One and Only Ivan - a story told from the perspective of a shopping-mall gorilla.  Applegate's Crenshaw works similar magic on the reader.  We meet Jackson, an upper-elementary boy who has two problems.  First, his family may get evicted from their apartment and  have to live in their car again.  Second, his imaginary friend CreHarry Potter Pumpkin and Book Displaynshaw appears.  Jackson hasn't seen Crenshaw since first grade, and he is pretty sure that he is too old for an imaginary friend.  The problem is, Crenshaw will not leave. The emotion feels real and the story feels wonderfully crafted.  I think children third through fifth grade would really enjoy this book.  I also think it would make a great read-aloud, even as young as second grade if you wanted to talk about homelessness and imaginary friends.  What good books have you scared up recently?    -Elaine B.