New this week

Your TUFL librarians are book junkies! One of the most fulfilling moments of each week is when the new books arrive in the Adult Services office. Anticipation grows from the time we read reviews/social media and order the titles until we can actually hold the items in our hands. And then pass them on to you—our readers.

Here are some new items coming your way we’re sure you’ll enjoy:

Bbook jacketest American Infographics 2014
Q 302.23 / BES

Pictures can take the place of many words. (Just ask any graphic novel aficionado!) Thus the rise of the infographic, which the Oxford English Dictionary defines as"visual image such as a chart or diagram used to represent information or date in an easily understandable form". This collection is informative--and fascinating.




dust jacketRetronaut: the Photographic Time Machine
Chris Wild, 2014
779 / WIL

Istagram and Flickr make it easy nowadays for all of us to celebrate our lives in photographs. Retronaut goes a step further and delves into the past. Based on a popular website, this book provides a link to photos that document earlier events, people, or things. How did Mahatma Gandhi appear as a young lawyer in the 1890s? Have you ever watched the Eiffel Tower grow? Retronaut offers those possibilities and more.


book jacket100 Places You Will Never Visit: The World’s Most Secret Locations
Daniel Smith, 2014
910 / SMI

Maybe you’ve heard about some of these locations and maybe some will surprise you, but we guarantee you’ll be frustrated that you can’t actually visit them. This is the ultimate “non-travel” travel guidebook.



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