Food AND Drink!

As inspiring as all the cooking shows like Top Chef might be, and as mouth-watering as all the wonderful cookbooks being published lately are, don’t forget the popular phrase is “Food AND Drink.” If you’re a foodie, the perfect accompaniment for your feasts could be a great glass of wine.

Inspect and taste two documentaries brand new at The Urbana Free Library. The first celebrates Malbec, a varietal wine with a rapidly growing fan base. The second shows the effort it takes to become a master sommelier, one who knows wine, can pair a perfect glass with your perfect meal, and understand how to find, buy, and store liquid treasure.

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Boom Varietal: The Rise of Argentine Malbec

Originally from France, Malbec has found a home in the Argentine. It’s grown from an obscure, locally-enjoyed wine, to one of immense popularity throughout the world. Find out more about the Malbec boom, and how the product has affected winemakers, wine purveyors, and the palates of fans.



It’s not easy to become a Master Sommelier. Candidates study for years to take one of the hardest exams with the lowest pass rate around. Will the Somms pass the blind taste test? Find out more about the drive to attain this honor, an internationally recognized credential of excellence.


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