There's a whole lot of shifting going on!

Young adult fiction is one of the hottest genres around, inspiring long series and many recent movies. These novels are popular not only with teens but adults, too.  We’re all familiar with Divergent and The Hunger Games!

Summer is coming soon. Publishers are offering many new young adult titles to fulfill the lure of vacation reading. We’re buying lots of great books for our leisure readers to enjoy during our summer reading programs.

But we have one problem—where to display the new arrivals to the best advantage?  Our Young Adult shelving area is small and needs expansion. The solution?  We’ve decided to shift our fiction collections to provide more space for our teen collection.

We’re not removing any books from sections we’re shifting—we’re just shelving them more efficiently.

Expect these location changes over the next few weeks.

  • General Fiction will remain where it is, rearranged into fewer rows.
  • Fiction paperbacks will move to the end of the hardcover Fiction.
  • Spy/Intrigue titles will move from their current space and will start at the end of Fiction.
  • Our Western collection will move to the shelves between the Spy and Romance titles.
  • Horror and Science Fiction/Fantasy titles will jump a few rows into the space vacated by the Spy and Western books.
  • And, the Young Adult section will have the room to expand.

As always, if you have trouble finding the book you’re looking for, please ask. We’ll be happy to help.

If you have any questions about the shift, ask me--Mary Wilkes Towner—or any of the staff in Adult Services.  217-367-4405