We have manga and graphic novels too!

Manga, a style of Japanese comics/graphic novels, is all the rage.  Chances are, even if you haven’t read any manga, you might know of animated adaptations of manga such Naruto, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Ghost in the Shell, or Akira.  Did you know that the Urbana Free Library has a wide selection of manga in our collection?  The bulk of our collection is on the first floor, next to the information desk.  Some of our manga, with more adult themes, is located on the second floor along with our graphic novels.

Which brings me to the Urbana Free Library’s vast, though often overlooked, collection of graphic novels.  Located on the second floor near the Reference Desk, our collection runs the gamut, offering everything from classic superhero comics such as Superman and Batman, to contemporary graphic novel classics such as Maus and Persepolis.

Whatever your tastes in comics, chances are The Urbana Free Library will have something for you.  Browse away in the stacks (from Dewey numbers 728.019 through 741.5973), or stop by one of our information desks and ask one of our friendly staff members for a suggestion.  Either way, we hope you use and enjoy our graphic novel / manga collection!