Hinterkind Vol. 1 by Ian Edginton

Time for comics instead of books, my friends.  There are points when the siren song of pictures and words overcomes just plain prose.  And I've been wanting to read Hinterkind Vol. 1: The Waking World since before it came out so I'm dragging you along with me.

Here's the low-down: Humanity just barely survived the plague that made them an endangered species, but the plague may not be what finishes the job.  Spread into distant villages that use scraps of technology to communicate, the remaining humans think wild animals and a harsh winter are their biggest threats.  Instead, legends have come out of hiding and have decided to take their revenge on the humans that nearly wiped them out centuries ago. 

No, I don't mean sparkly vampires and werewolves (at least not this time).  There are, however, elves and trolls that look like J.R.R. Tolkien had a hand in shaping them.  (One day, elves will not all be blonde, willowy, and have pointy ears.  Nor will they look like the Drow. *If you don't know what the Drow are go look it up.  If you do then I just rolled 20 and proved my geek credentials for the day.  Huzzah!)

Even before you know about the fairy creatures, Hinterkind has a fun hook.  This is a dystopia that isn't grungy, or dirty, and where the people aren't completely miserable, which makes it different right from the bat.  Instead, it retains a gritty atmosphere while delivering surprisingly bright and pretty colors.  And, there isn't a whole lot of griping about how things were better before. 

But just when you think you've been dropped into a survival tale where humans have been forced back to nature, along come the fairy folk who want to either eat and/or capture and sacrifice all humans for revenge (and because humans seem to taste like yummy, yummy chicken). 

Then when you've got your feet under you and you realize, okay I'm reading a fantasy comic, bam! along come the zombies. 

Yes, I said the z-word

Think Hunger Games meets Game of Thrones meets Walking Dead.  Now mix it together, and say hello to Hinterkind.  On second thought, go check it out, and then say hello to Hinterkind

I'm going to go check again and see when Vol. 2 comes out.  I need more elves fighting zombies.  Or trolls trying to eat zombies and complaining about the taste (**favorite scene**).


Good news! Vol. 2, Written in Blood, comes out today (12/2) and the library is ordering it next week! Keep an eye out for it over the next few weeks! -Amber