The Family Romanov

Perhaps all you know about Anastasia, the Grand Duchess, is from Fox’s animated, musical classic.  Maybe you picture the princess singing her way through Europe to reunite with her grandmother and reclaim her title?  Unfortunately, that happy ending is purely fictional—unlike The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia by Candace Fleming.

Go beyond the surface level facts of history and explore the world of Imperial Russia like never before.  Track the immense wealth of the ruling aristocrats and the total squalor that eighty percent of the country lived in.  Learn the intricate details that brought down a family dynasty of three hundred years. 

Masterful storyteller Candace Fleming follows Russian history starting with Alexander II’s assassination to the poor choices of Nicholas II and his eventual abdication to the rise of Communism and the Soviet Party.  Woven throughout her narrative are personal journal entries of Nicholas and Alexandra, letters exchanged among the entire family, and interviews with surviving members of the former Russian court.  These firsthand accounts put you right in the action of the turn of the century and help you fully understand the Family Romanov.