Kiss of Deception

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Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

The book is divided among three different protagonists: Princess Lia, First Daughter of the House of Morrighan; the jilted prince; and, the assassin.

Why is the prince jilted, you may ask? Princess Lia and the prince were to be married as a part of an alliance between their nations. But the prince and Lia never met prior to the wedding, and, refusing to be stuck in an arranged and loveless marriage, Lia ran away from home hours before the ceremony. Determined to see what type of girl actually would leave him at the altar, the prince follows her trail, finding the task to be much more of a challenge than he bargained for.

Why is an assassin chasing Lia? A rival nation fears the union of Lia and the prince’s nations, so killing the princess seems like a perfectly good solution to the assassin’s leaders. But he doesn’t have to kill her until his fellow assassins join him in town a while later, so why not delay killing her and enjoy a few days in town, rather than sleeping in the woods?

Why should you care? Because the alternating protagonists, paired with a strong heroine, makes for a very enjoyable read. As it turns out, the prince and the assassin are both very handsome young men, very close in age to Princess Lia, and they both end up caring enough to get to know her. Rafe and Kaden are likeable characters, just like Lia, and readers will tear through the pages to figure out which of the two actually is out to kill her.

Does the assassin succeed in killing her? Will he succumb to his feelings for Lia? Or will she fall for the prince instead? Check out Kiss of Deception today to find out!