Beware the Number Nine...

Have you ever seen The Ring? Or The Grudge? Did you know that the creepy girl with long, dark hair and a dirty, white dress featured in so many horror movies is actually based on the Japanese ghost story of Okiko, a young servant betrayed, tortured and tossed in a well?

In Rin Chupeco’s book, The Girl from the Well, the legend of Okiku is real. Okiku died in that well, but her spirit climbed out to gain vengeance for her death by killing those who kill children. Okiku knows who these murderers are because the spirits of their victims are bound to them. Some have one, two, dozens of these spirits attached to them. And Okiku can set them free (which means a terrifying and horrific death for their killers).

Okiku’s life, such as it is, has not changed for over a hundred years. Until she meets Tark and his cousin Callie. Okiku becomes engrossed in Tark’s life when she saves him and Callie from a serial killer. She can see the thing inside of Tark, the spirit imprisoned in his body. An angry, bloodthirsty spirit that is slowly trying to break free of its host, promising death for Tark and everyone he loves. And Okiku watches. She watches, waits and guides as Tark and Callie try to understand the evil inside of him and how to save him from it.