Now that Doctor Who is back with a new season (and a new doctor) there is a also new problem.  How will you survive the full week between episodes?  You could rewatch past seasons, but let's admit it; by now you've watched every single episode and can recite the lines as they're being spoken.  You could go online and watch Doctor Whooves or Doctor Puppet.  Or, you could read books.  Books are cool.

Did you ever hear about the time the Doctor and Amy met the Terraphiles, a people obsessed with ancient human sports? (The Coming of the Terraphiles by Michael Morcock)  Or how Rose and Nine become imprisoned and separated in Justicia prison camp during Rose's first trip to an alien planet? (The Monsters Inside by Stephen Cole)  The library has books enough to get you through the cold Doctorless days.  (If you don't believe in the power of the library go watch Silence in the Library from season four of the new Doctor Who.  It's okay, go on, I'll wait.)

If you don't want to read Doctor Who (although why wouldn't you; books are cool), you can go old school and watch Doctor Who before the 9th Doctor .  See where it all began in An Unearthly Child.  Or where the Doctor and Sarah Jane discover stone men in The Hand of Fear.  Just remember, if there are stone angels...don't blink.  Allons-y.