Can You Withstand the Machine?

“I walk among my enemies. But I carry my friends with me.”

Ashala Wolf lives in a world a few hundred years in the future. After the Reckoning, when the world is torn apart by the violent technology of our own making and by the depletion of the world’s natural resources, humanity was lucky to survive. They vowed to work to keep the Balance in this world.

Then certain individuals started exhibiting unique abilities. They can cause earthquakes, start fires, see the future, change the clouds, etc. The Administration, charged with keeping the Balance, is afraid of these people. They are called Illegals and denied citizenship. They are locked up in detention centers and there are rumors that certain fanatics have been torturing them.

Ashala Wolf is an Illegal. She leads a group of free Illegals in woods beyond the reach of the Administration. But the rumors of the treatment of the detained Illegals has still reached her. She knows about the Machine that can attack your mind.

Then one day, Ashala Wolf is captured by the Administration. They want the location of the group she protects. They want the information in her head, and they will use any means to get it. Can Ashala stand up to the Machine? Will she be the end of everything she loves? Find out in The Interrogation of Ashala Wolf by Ambelin Kwaymullina.