Friends With Boys

The first day of high school is intimidating for anyone—especially if you’re Maggie McKay and up until this year you’ve been home-schooled by your mom.  Making friends is going to be hard enough and Maggie’s three older brothers plan on making things even more difficult if they can.  Maggie can deal with her brothers but just how does she convince the other freshman that not all home-school kids are a little bit weird?

Not only is Maggie starting public school, she also has a ghost stalker.  One day she decided to take the shortcut home through the cemetery and then BAM she ran into the widow of a sea captain that died in the 1700s (spoiler alert: so did the widow). 

Why is the ghost still hanging around?  Why does she only follow Maggie?  What will Maggie’s new friends think if she tells them she is trying to figure out what a ghost wants with her?

Friends With Boys is a spooky and fun graphic novel that is great to pick as you start to think about going back to school.  Faith Erin Hicks is a prolific artist/author and can often be found partnering up with many other writers to produce graphic novels of quality.