De-Mystifying Technology Workshop

Ever wonder how a computer works? How about networking? Want to know more about internet security? Are you frustrated that technology seems intent on, well, frustrating you? Have you ever wanted to use digital technology to make something, or to help you achieve a goal?

On Saturday (8/2), Tuesday (8/5), and Thursday (8/7) The Urbana Free Library, in partnership with Dr. Martin Wolske of the Graduate School of Library and Information Science, will again host the De-Mystifying Technology workshop. The workshop is designed to give beginners a better understanding of how computers and networks are designed, how they work, and how you can make the technology a more useful tool for you.

On Saturday we will spend some time looking at hardware, software, and networking. Tuesday and Thursday we'll learn more about the topics covered on Saturday and work with you to find ways to make technology assist you in reaching your goals.

Also available during the Tuesday and Thursday workshops will be some production technologies such as a 3D printer, vinyl cutter, and a music production station!

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No experience is necessary (we strongly encourage those with no experience at all to attend), and questions are encouraged!

We hope to see you there!