Dorothy’s Back…And She’s a Jerk

Okay, calling Dorothy a jerk is a bit of an understatement in Dorothy Must Die by D.M. Paige. More like a narcissistic, psychotic monster. Amy Gumm finds that out the hard way.

Amy wouldn’t have thought that Oz could be worse than Dusty Acres, Kansas, where her classmates call her Salvation Amy because she lives in a trailer park and wears secondhand clothing. In one day, she gets punched in the face by a pregnant classmate, called a parasite by her drug addicted mother, and hauled off by a tornado in her trailer.

But Oz is worse. This is not the Oz that Amy remembers from the movie. This is an Oz where Dorothy came back. She came back and got a taste for magic. A taste that she couldn’t satiate. She started mining the land of Oz for its ancient magic. She became a cruel dictator and managed to corrupt Glinda, the lion, the scarecrow and the tinwoodman, as well.

But there is a resistance. It’s called the Revolutionary Order of the Wicked, made up of the wicked witches of Oz who want to prevent Oz’s magic from being depleted. Amy is trained and taught a magic of her own. Even as she’s getting used to this new world, she still has an overwhelming task hanging over her head:  she must kill Dorothy.