Pivot Point

Addison is faced with a dilemma. Her parents have decided to get a divorce, and now she needs to choose which parent she will live with. Her dad will be moving away, but her mom will be staying at their old house. Should she go with her dad--move away to a new town, with a new school and new friends--or should she stay with her mom and hold on to as much of her old life as possible?

Under normal circumstances, this type of decision would already be difficult. But in Addison’s case, it’s complicated. You see, Addison isn’t your average teen. Addison, along with all the others in her community, are considered paranormal. That’s right—they all have special mental abilities, like the powers of discernment, persuasion, telekinesis, the ability to erase memories, and the ability to see the future. They live in a closely guarded compound, hidden from the “Norms” (that’s us) to keep their abilities a secret.

Some members of the para-community, including Addison’s dad, would rather live in the Norm world, away from all the open demonstrations of abilities. This is why Addison’s decision is so much more difficult, because her dad isn’t just moving away. He’s moving outside the Compound.

Should she stay in the Compound with her mom and continue to learn how to control her ability, or should she hide her ability and live in Norm society with her dad?

Addison’s ability is a form of clairvoyance, in which she can do a Search when faced with a choice in order to see the two possible future outcomes. Fortunately for Addison, her best friend Laila is an Eraser, so she can wipe the memories of whichever paths she doesn’t choose to follow.

After finding out about the impending divorce, Laila encourages Addison to do a Search to help her choose which parent to live with. But when Addison does a Search lasting six weeks to get a good glimpse of her two possible futures, she is overwhelmed by the weight of her decision. For this choice impacts far more than her own personal future.

With life and death on the line, which path will she choose?

Pivot Point is the first book of a duology by Kasie West, followed by Split Second.