It's Time to Get Graphic!

I confess that I have not always been a fan of graphic novels. I appreciated the artwork and stylistic value, but it was difficult for me to read the text and visual story as a whole work. I would either concentrate on the text bubbles, or look exclusively at the artwork. I found it difficult to piece them together for a cohesive story, so I avoided the genre altogether.

But one aspect of working at the UFL made my genre avoidance very difficult—we have a FANTASTIC graphic novel collection! I mean, seriously. Have you checked the shelves lately? We have such an incredibly wide range of books! The more I read, the more I realized the diversity of the collection, and the more I enjoyed it. Now, whether I’m in the mood for something serious or light and fun, I can find great graphic novels that fit my interests. Now I only wish that I had tried the genre sooner!

Want to start reading graphic novels, but don’t know where to start?

If you like standalone stories… try A Boy & A Girl by Jamie S. Rich & Natalie Nourigat.

If you like graphic adaptations of popular novels… check out Ender’s Game: Battle School by Orson Scott Card.

If you prefer nonfiction works that tell history in a fun and meaningful way… pick up Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie, A Tale of Love & Fallout by Lauren Redniss.

If you are a fan of DC and Marvel characters… consider Superman: Earth One by J. Michael Straczynski.

If you haven’t tried a graphic novel yet, consider picking up one of these great reads, or browse through the collection—there’s plenty to choose from!