Quia Merrow Decrivit

Daughter of Merrow, leave your sleep, / The ways of childhood no more to keep. / The dream will die, a nightmare rise, / Sleep no more, child, open your eyes.

Deep Blue by Jennifer Donnelly creates an intricate world beneath the Mediterranean Sea. This world is called Miromara, and it’s populated by the mer. You know, mer: half people, half fish. Seraphina is a teenage mermaid on the eve of her dokimí, the ritual that will verify her right and ability to rule over her kingdom. This ritual also promises her hand in marriage to a prince from Matali, under the Indian Ocean.

As if the stress of the royal court (constant judgment and gossip), her dokimí (performing complicated magic and being killed if found unworthy), and her relationship (her husband-to-be is rumored to be a party boy with a mermaid on the side) wasn’t enough, Sera has been having a recurring nightmare where she is called to lead a group of mer to fight against an unnamed evil.

Her nightmare becomes real when her kingdom is attacked, and she and her best friend Neela must flee for their lives. When Sera realizes that Neela has been having similar dreams, they must ignore their fears and worries and set off on a quest to find answers that will save their people.