A Goofy Classic

Some movies you loved as a child don’t stand up under adult scrutiny years later. I was worried that would be the fate of Disney’s A Goofy Movie. I remembered loving the songs, the characters, the humor. I rewatched it recently as a grown up and was amazed at how great it still is!

Goofy’s son, Max, is trying to fight against the “nerd” image inherited from his father and get the girl he likes to notice him. Just when things start to go his way, his dad announces a father-son fishing vacation. Which means he’ll miss the big party (and big date) that will solidify his “cool kid” status. Hilarity and adventure ensues.

This movie is rated G for general audiences, so it’s appropriate for all age groups, though perhaps those kids old enough to appreciate their parents’ ability to humiliate them in public would get the most out of this movie. At its core, it’s about a parent/child relationship that is strained by growing up and how to find a new way bond through the growing pains.