Black History Month at The Urbana Free Library


Brian Dolinar did an amazing presentation at the Urbana Free Library on Sunday for Black History Month.  An expert on African American Literature and the Depression Era, Dolinar knows so many great stories about the African American writers, artists, and activists of the 1930s.  These creative and often-overlooked people – many of whom committed their lives to their work with little recognition or remuneration - deserve to be remembered.   We also got to hear a bit of local Champaign-Urbana history – Dolinar read the words of African American parents protesting for the right for their children to attend public school; a courageous act indeed, given that this was in the 1870s!   

Promise yourself you’ll read at least one good book that brings Black History Month alive for you.  Consider checking out the recently released collection – edited by Brian Dolinar -  The Negro in Illinois: The WPA Papers or his 2012 book, The Black Cultural Front : Black Writers and Artists of the Depression Generation.


- Carol