Unlikely...But Adorable!

I am known at the desk for my love of baby animals. Well, all animals really. What’s not to love? Though most of my coworkers can’t see the cuteness in a warthog or python. So, of course, I loved Unlikely Friendships:  47 Remarkable Stories from the Animal Kingdom that came out a few years ago, which showcases unusual (and adorable) animal pairings. Just looking at the cover (above), I knew I’d love it.

But imagine my glee when a new book by the same author, Jennifer S. Holland, crossed my desk recently. The latest installment of animal cuteness is entitled, Unlikely Loves:  43 Heartwarming True Stories from the Animal Kingdom. You’ll meet unlikely animal duos, like Bak the blind boxer pup and Guzik the goose from Poland (page 31), or Copper the fox and Jack the hound mix from England (119), or Laika the pit bull and Jack the boa constrictor from Brazil (173).

Both books are heartwarming reads with plenty of adorable pictures.